TRENNPACK  Concept                 SEPARABLY - JOINED          

Description: Composite packaging system for easy separation into sorted components            


The patented packaging concept offers two decisive innovations.

The paper used is no longer destroyed.

The total packaging materials are separated into sorted components.

TRENNPACK has the following detail features. With approx. 400 million packaging

Containers per year:


  • · TRENNPACK allows separation by the consumer into sorted components,easily
  • And without the need for technical aids.
  • · Only 20 % residual volume
  • · All materials can be recycled. 0 % waste volume.
  • · Approx. 15 million kg paper and approx. 1 million kg aluminium can therefore be
  • Directly recycled, without any sorting costs.
  • · The recycling processes are already tried and tested.
  • Material, quality of container

    • · TRENNPACK can be made using 100 % recycled materials.
    • · No adhesive is necessary-therefore saving of approx.1.3 million kg adhesive per year.
    • · Production uses materials which are already known.
    • · Advantage through complete sealing: improved quality (absolutely liquid-,vapour-
    • And aroma-tight).

    Significance for packaging producers and filling firms

    • · TRENNPACK offers the most environmentally friendly form of combined container pack
    • · The concept is future-oriented and direction-setting
    • · No new production machinery is necessary. Existing machines can be converted.
    • No change in production output.
    • · Implementation in 5 month. Production can continue during the conversion phase.
    • · The conversion costs are less than DM 100.000,00. Capital costs recovered by
    • Adhesive savings in 1st year.
    • · Through the amazingly easy separation method, environmentally aware consumers will
    • Be easily persuaded to do their part.(„Honest“ environmental packaging)
    • · Same handling method. Innovative advertising opportunities.
    • · No need to change the visual appearance of established containers.
    • · New target groups : packaging for beverages, cleaning agents, cosmetics, building
    • And dyeing products.
  • Ecological balance
  • The preservation of materials and the possibilities of use by new target groups:

    • · Reduces the consumption of raw materials (wood and oil).
    • · Means that complicated, energy-intensive and environment-polluting separation
    • Methods are no longer necessary.
    • · Considerably reduces the amount of landfill waste.
  • TRENNPACK  makes a positive contribution to preserving our environment.


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